Tom Dyne

Tom Dyne is a photographer in the Bay Area.

Articles by Tom Dyne:

in Issue 65 | LEATHER (Jun 2016)

Articles illustrated by Tom Dyne:

in Issue 93 | With(out) Child (Dec 2018)
Image description: a woman in red hands an apple to a man in a blue-gray sweater. They are in a grove of trees. The woman's face is obscured by leaves and the man's face is turned away from the camera.

Apples by Tom Dyne.

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Eurydice to Orpheus (“not in the mood”)

in Issue 91 | Horror & Comedy (Oct 2018)

in Issue 81 | Buildings (Dec 2017)

Photograph by Tom Dyne

in Issue 73 | Sing Wrath (Mar 2017)

A worker of some kind, from a garden of removed Soviet statues outside Prague.
Photograph by Tom Dyne.

in Issue 72 | Practice (Feb 2017)

Image by Tom Dyne.

in Issue 65 | LEATHER (Jun 2016)

in Issue 60 | See America (Jan 2016)

Photograph by Tom Dyne