Ainsley Morse

Ainsley Morse teaches and translates Russian/Soviet and Yugoslav literature. Published translations include I Live I See: selected poems of Vsevolod Nekrasov (UDP, 2013), Kholin 66: Poems and Diaries (UDP, 2017), both with Bela Shayevich, Beyond Tula: A Soviet Pastoral, by Andrei Egunov-Nikolev (ASP, 2019), and Permanent Evolution: Theoretical Essays of Yuri Tynianov (ASP, 2019), with Philip Redko. Forthcoming translation projects include The Scar We Know, a collection of poems by Lida Yusupova (with multiple translators), and the anthology F-Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry (edited with Galina Rymbu and Eugene Ostashevsky, also featuring multiple translators).

Articles by Ainsley Morse:

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