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The Hypocrite Reader publishes reportage, criticism, history, sociology, theory, creative fiction, creative non-fiction, translations, manifestos, leaks, analysis, popular science, synthesis, verse, comics, wedding announcements, and Viking-themed erotica. Just because something doesn’t fit into any of those categories doesn’t mean we won’t publish it.


We are now accepting submissions for our June issue, OLD AGE.

We don't not accept articles on spec, but we would strongly prefer a proposal first. Poems, translations, comics, stories, erotica, non-illustration artworks etc. may be submitted complete or as pitches, whatever seems appropriate. Send inquiries to hypocriterdr@gmail.com.


We often publish an advice column in our monthly issue. Advice queries are welcome at all times. Please send them to hypocriteadvice@gmail.com. Anonymity guaranteed.


If you’d like to provide thematically appropriate illustrations for a future article (photographs, collages, digital art, etc.) please send us a sample of your work at hypocriterdr@gmail.com. If we like you, we’ll suggest an article in the upcoming issue for you to illustrate.


Thanks for asking! The Hypocrite Reader accepts donations. If you’d like to help support us, you can contribute through our PayPal account, which is linked to the email address hypocriterdr@gmail.com. If you would like to contribute through means other than PayPal, get in touch and we’ll be happy to work something out. Note that we are not registered as a nonprofit and donations are, unfortunately, not tax-deductible.


While the magazine had ceased to publish wedding announcements some time ago, the new editorial team feels that it is unfair that they have never gotten to publish a wedding announcement, and therefore this category is once again opened.