The Hypocrite Reader is a biannual magazine of reportage, criticism, history, sociology, theory, translations, manifestos, analysis, popular science, synthesis, verse, comics, wedding announcements, and Viking-themed erotica. Just because something doesn’t fit into any of those categories doesn’t mean we won’t publish it.

Each issue is built around a theme.

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How to write for us

We are currently open for submissions!

We are now seeking submissions for our Winter 2022 publication, WHERE YOU STAY, where we will be exploring housing, migration, belonging, diaspora, and more. Think:

  • Places of transitional living and/or places you may be stuck: hotels, motels, hostels, sleeper cars; in-patient facilities, hospital wards; refugee camps; homeless shelters; nursing homes; detention centers, jails, prisons; company towns; military bases
  • More positive visions of temporary staying—vacation, camping, artist residencies, college dorms—or of committed, long-term residency choices: monasteries, “intentional communities”
  • The idea of occupation in all of its ambiguity, from the colonial context to bad jobs to Occupy Wall Street. Relatedly, sit-ins, lock-ons, dharna (a South Asian form of sit-in protest)
  • Nomadic vs. dialectical gender
  • Where you stay when you don’t stay anywhere (think nomadism and couchsurfing but also exile and statelessness)
  • Workplaces, “forever jobs,” temp work
  • Losing your family, choosing your family, regaining your family, abolishing the family
  • The Great Migration, the Underground Railroad; also, the Back-to-Africa movement
  • Diasporic longing, diasporic identity, diasporic solidarity/conflict
  • Immigration, emigration; guest worker programs, visas; “digital nomads,” “expats”
  • The blue pill
  • Remainers (people who oppose Brexit) and “citizens of nowhere”
  • Land Back, “decolonization is not a metaphor”
  • Agrarian reforms, land redistribution
  • Landlords, tenant harassment, security deposits, eviction, housing discrimination
  • Shamima Begum, citizenship revocation
  • The Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019
  • Parks, parking lots, “No Loitering” signs, “there’s no skating here”
  • Hachnasat orchim, the Jewish religious obligation of offering hospitality
  • Home ownership in reality and fiction (e.g., A House for Mr. Biswas); redlining, blockbusting, generational wealth
  • Those who leave and those who stay. Also, Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (2014)
  • Multiple name and pronoun changes; the meandering course of gender transitions
  • Blackness and fugitivity
  • Maroons, quilombos
  • Neighborhoods, local history, and gentrification
  • Disability and mobility
  • Property inheritance, haunted estates, derelict mansions
  • Ruins
  • “The artist who stakes his being is from nowhere” (Samuel Beckett)
  • “By the Waters of Babylon”––the psalm and its many musical settings.
  • Also, the Babylonian Captivity (either of them)
  • Pilgrimages and their waypoints: the Hajj, El Camino (pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela), Tōkaidō (the road connecting Edo and Kyōto), The Canterbury Tales
  • Social housing & the privatization thereof
  • Final resting places
  • Ergodic literature, the space of reading, House of Leaves (2000)

Do you have an idea for an article with staying power? Send nonfiction pitches and drafts of poems and fiction to by November 15th.

Please send pitches in the body of an email (i.e., not as an attachment). Pitches must be relevant to the theme of the upcoming issue. We like working with writers on their piece from start to finish, so our preferred submission for nonfiction is a pitch explaining what your article will be about, but we do occasionally take pieces written on spec. If we don’t know you, it can help to include examples of prior work. Writers without prior work are also welcome (and encouraged!) to submit.

We do not take poetry from pitches; we would need to see a draft. We do not normally publish fiction, but we do publish cross-genre experimentation that may be fiction-adjacent. If your hybrid form approaches fiction or poetry, you should submit a draft or an extended excerpt rather than just a pitch.

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What we want

We are a leftist magazine of useful, unexpected writing. Such writing is rare and valuable. It often requires research and always demands careful thought.

We prefer discussions of history, theory, art, or the outside world to personal narratives, though we get more of the latter than the former; accepted personal narratives will illuminate a broader theme than just the author’s own life, or “report back” from an unusual or underdiscussed experience. We like pieces that help us identify or analyze a phenomenon we couldn’t previously speak to. We also like humor, unassimilated weirdness, translations, and transcriptions of dreams.

We occasionally do take graphic memoir, comics, or other works that are not simply traditionally-formatted text. Here is an example.

Nonfiction should be accessible and engaging for a well-educated general audience; it can(!) insert itself into a specialist debate but only if it makes that debate engaging for non-specialists.

We don’t reprint, but we do take adaptations of unpublished or narrowly published academic writing and, sometimes, excerpts of upcoming publications.

Illustrations and visual art

We publish images in three ways. Sometimes we commission illustrations and cover images; sometimes we publish independently-submitted artwork alongside other articles; sometimes we publish standalone images. We are always looking to publish more visual art.

If you’re interested in illustrating or submitting pictures, write to Due to technical constraints, artwork must look good displayed in an area at most 600 pixels wide, except for cover images, which have 800 horizontal pixels to work with. Please do not send us RAW files.


The Hypocrite is a paying publication! The amount we can pay our writers and artists depends on the donations we receive.

There are three main ways you can help the magazine financially:

  • Become a recurring supporter on our Patreon. Patreon subscribers get our delightful monthly newsletter, and higher-tier supporters also receive a discount in our store (coming soon!) and a number of other perks. You'll also be underwriting the long-term financial sustainability of the magazine. If you can only contribute one way, make it this one!
  • Buy a perk through our Indiegogo fundraiser. We're selling beautiful t-shirts, bro-tanks, and anthologies as well as intangibles like manuscript critiques, haiku of gratitude, and editorial services. This fundraiser will go towards compensating writers in our summer 2021 issue TEETH, and hiring a web designer to refresh our site.
  • Give a one-time donation on our Ko-fi. One-time donations help us pay our writers. They always cheer us up and we are very grateful to receive them! You will not need a Ko-fi account to contribute, and payments will be processed through Paypal. Even just a few dollars will go to good use.

You can also donate through Venmo, check, or otherwise (just ask). Note that we are not registered as a nonprofit and donations are, unfortunately, not tax-deductible.


It seems every small leftist group is stymied by the lack of graphic designers. While this has not been true for Hypocrite in the past, it certainly is now.

We will need better graphics if we are to move forward after this first year and become a sustainably-funded paid publication. If you can contribute designs for merchandise or promotion images, or if you are a web designer, we’d love to be in touch.