Ainsley Morse, Dina Gatina

200 likes (a song)


The following was written by Dina Gatina and translated from the Russian by Ainsley Morse.

200 likes and the longed-for one is missing
that warm drop of bloody honey in the black asphalt of a Russian night
I’m a poetess and you’re a poetess
sympathizing with the stewardesses
but that guy there’s about to fucking lose it
and them they’re out of money
and won’t ever have any
just like us, my prrrrrecious
those guys went and had a bunch of kids
but that one went back
this girl’s in love
the better part of them go
to psychiatrists
or haven’t found one yet
and I realize from the other side of the glass
I got no money, but I get by
          on pure horror!
got no money, but I get by
          on pure horror!
got no money, but I get by
          on pure horror!
got no money, but I get by
          on pure horror!

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