ISSUE 2 | MAR 2011


Micro-Politics: The Hidden Battle Against Internet Censorship

The Amoral Law

The Idea of Karaism: A Provocation to Rabbinical Judaism

The Power to Punish: Conflicts of Authority in the Case of Jack Fiddler

On Paradigms: Oppression and Interpretive Authority

Romans, Rabbis, and America: How We Should See the Law

Madison: Occupation and the Appearance of “the People”

Juries and Democratic Legitimacy

The Innocent Criminal

On the Ethics of the Law, or, “Effective Government” Isn't Just for Wonks

Top 10 Security Guards on Acid

Afterthought on “Glossary of Sexual Doubt”

Afterthought on “eat the person”

Afterthought on “...or be eaten”