Sam Feldman

Articles by Sam Feldman:


in Issue 60 | See America (Jan 2016)

Explosive Liability: The Legal Politics of Dynamite in Industrial-Age America

in Issue 35 | Dynamite (Dec 2013)

What Does It Mean to Be Illegal?: The Jurisprudence of Obamacare

in Issue 24 | Compulsion (Jan 2013)

Remix This Article

in Issue 21 | Raw Materials (Oct 2012)

The Great Fear, or, The Green Zone

in Issue 12 | Home and Pain (Jan 2012)

Whose Side Are They On?

in Issue 10 | Occupations (Nov 2011)

Love in the Time of Communism: A Case Study in Revolutionary Overreach

in Issue 1 | Valentine’s Day (Feb 2011)