Odelia Kaly

Odelia is a high school student majoring in visual arts. You may generally find her writing, doing yoga, reading about the Beat generation, or twisting in odd positions to make funny popping noises with her joints. Her lifelong dream is to become a ballerina or a bearded old man meditating on a mountainside in India. In the meantime she moonlights as a columnist for The Huffington Post [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/odelia-kaly/].

Articles by Odelia Kaly:

An Open Letter to the Department of Education

in Issue 35 | Dynamite (Dec 2013)

Me Versus Me

in Issue 32 | Small Wars (Sep 2013)

I Am Not Interested

in Issue 30 | The Daddy Issue (Jul 2013)

Talking to Dirt

in Issue 29 | Faces and Masks (Jun 2013)

Robot Apocalypse!

in Issue 27 | Drone Robot Cyborg (Apr 2013)