Naomi Bardoff

Last year Naomi Bardoff graduated from Bard College, where she majored in fine arts and studied watercolor, ink drawing, and book-making. Since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, Naomi has been working on her illustration portfolio, working in an office, and volunteering and taking classes at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Articles illustrated by Naomi Bardoff:

in Issue 27 | Drone Robot Cyborg (Apr 2013)

“Vet” by Naomi Bardoff


in Issue 26 | Good Sex (Mar 2013)

Telling It Like It Is: Laughter, Idiocy, and Art

in Issue 25 | Conservatism and Reaction (Feb 2013)

The Short End of the Stick: Gender Pleasure

in Issue 20 | Difference (Sep 2012)

The Lonely World of Vladimir Propp

in Issue 15 | The Elements (Apr 2012)

“An illustration changes us”: Images of Innocence in John Ashbery

in Issue 14 | Innocence (Mar 2012)

Two Forgotten Stories of a Guest

in Issue 8 | Hunger (Sep 2011)

Leaving in Style

in Issue 6 | Making an Exit (Jul 2011)

Something Is Sought

in Issue 5 | Realism (Jun 2011)

Recurrences: Contemporary Music and the Question of Time

in Issue 4 | The Progress of Memory (May 2011)