Michelle Bentsman

Articles by Michelle Bentsman:

Impossible Reality, Infinite Doubling

in Issue 62 | Doubles (Mar 2016)

What is the Meaning of Ascetic Ideals: A dialogue between Friedrich Nietzsche and X

in Issue 57 | Crying Wolf (Oct 2015)

Avarice Over the Ghost

in Issue 44 | Free Money (Sep 2014)

The Last Look

in Issue 36 | Modesty (Jan 2014)

Father Revision

in Issue 30 | The Daddy Issue (Jul 2013)

Earth of my Earth, Flesh of my Flesh

in Issue 22 | Paradise (Nov 2012)

Articles illustrated by Michelle Bentsman:

in Issue 51 | Wellness and Illness (Apr 2015)

"A Grain of Wheat and the Righteous Spine" by Michelle Bentsman, painting detail.

in Issue 50 | Furniture (Mar 2015)

Ani Hashem Rofecha by Michelle Bentsman, installation detail. Photograph by Ben Bentsman.

Plots, Puppets, and Petersburg

in Issue 35 | Dynamite (Dec 2013)

Beastly Flesh

in Issue 21 | Raw Materials (Oct 2012)