Elena Atnagulova

Lena Atnagulova is an architect and an artist, based in St.Petersburg, Russia. She was born in 1991 in Kirov, Russia, and moved to St. Petersburg to receive her BFA in architecture from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts named after Ilia Repin. While she was studying at the Academy, Lena made several expeditions to the Russian North, the Urals, etc. Long-term expeditions to the Russian North (once, for at least 5 months, in the Mezen river region) built up her artistic style. There are black and white ink graphics. In accordance with the main idea, artist can blend together her fundamental method with other media, surfaces, materials. The origin of the artist's work is rooted in her reflections on transformation, deformation (reflection from outside to inside and vice versa), and different kinds of surmounting. A huge role in her artistic practice is played by architecture—more precisely, the sensation of space. On paper or walls as well as on any kind of area, the artist does not stop

Articles illustrated by Elena Atnagulova:

The Weight of Breasts That Aren’t There

in Issue 97 | Prophecies II (Apr 2021)