Joseph Spece



John Bingley Garland, blood collage, 1850-60

The Fatherly presiding Good Evening. & We Queers— ——.

Sergeant                       Belmont                       presiding ,                         Z——

                                                                         Dr. Klamp

                                                                         Daniel / the halls

In the foyer
                   Cheetah fingers his copper charm

We Queers                   /

                                                   the mystery that made us

                                 its wet column of tongue

                                                   Z!—      —
                                                   blood-tracery /
                                                   the little tiles

                                  & my deathly spirit’s

                                                   lifting its head

                                  a bulette

                                  a freak shark /

                                                                         my deathly spirit

                                                                         at Garden’s blueblack teat      —

                   Elsewhere we are sharks                                  aren’t we

                                                                         beating hooves against the ice

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