Creed Shepard

The Surmountable Fourteen Percent (For Election Day, 2014)


The statistical anomaly in you, seriously trying to hold onto what sickness lingers, because it rarely occurs, and because you’re anticipating a voice of nobodies, hard to blame. After all how strong will the motive to get healthy and then stay healthy be? At least you can’t sit on your ass with back pain and unidentified bug bites —MERSA— for much longer. Other causes seemingly absent, your skin seductively crawls anyway. Because they could.

Many Kansans have deferred their will —only theoretically speaking?— to one voting block, the Pro Unborn Life constituency —I am now self-consciously paranoid: have we used too many big words to achieve any rhetorical effect? Suspecting that our many friends, family members and associates are induced with disinterested scowls back to perceiving some kind of white noise right at the deployment of “theoretically”. Do they even enjoy that as such great sounds? Is even this a desperation for some ethical collateral? To give someone aesthetic pleasure a new experience, however modest and modestly? Or even lead someone to a dictionary or encyclopedia.

Around the corner from your hearth that is your home that is so close to what you want to see in the rest of the legally designated spots of the human sanctioned—the world, the Public Works and other works’s trucks create the impression of a loud thunder. Startled, having just had the chills and a 102 temperature hours earlier. You have never noticed this, is this always what it’s like while you’re at work, and having expected the worst from the weather for so long? When it gets better is it quieter or at least more ambient? Often times it’s not the number of syllables, the size of, but the number of words, or perhaps the lack of proper frequency-sensitive or amplitude-sensitive annunciation. “Open your mail louder”, as Jenna Osman leaflet dropped.

And seeing gubernatorial candidate “Paul Davis” “fishing for higher taxes” on a recent leaflet...I wanted to tell to tell you I forgot. Look those 2 names up, I am name plugging not name dropping. You have not vomited once during this sickness, and voted! But that announcement does not fit on the little sticker that they give you when you go to vote.

Speaking of lack of brevity, the same scowls may be provoked when you employ it making an important point for some social justice, for example, Black Lives Matter. You have a point, and maybe some natural body language going with it, but, O, what woodwork would have kept in various degrees of cat walking from some defensive white people with just that one extra adverb, “also”, or “too”. Also being reminded that “black noise” may indicate, a silent noise.

It’s said it has to get worse before it gets better. When your face gets its color back it could be like your body suffered for something. Your body has something to suffer for and/but I mean something else could have caused your body to suffer. No isms’ fault this time; the onion bits that cured the boils on your ass and thighs were grown from a neighbor’s farm and given for free. Freeing the speech for but mostly from.

Instead, we can treat these political collocations as sentient entities, albeit arousing possible conflict. For instance in the situation of perhaps the many women who are our many political allies not feelin' Pro Unborners’ votes, because isn’t there an implication of the dismissal of other things, body parts? Shall we then rename the “Pro-Unborn Block” the “Women's Health Illiteracy Block”. May this “Pro-Unborn” schlock no longer block your cock, although getting a cookie, so I take stock, is not the way to a “Women’s Health Literacy Lover’s” nookie within which rests all logical accessories to the weapon of “Women's Health Illiteracy Block”. The “Pro Unborn” flirts with the “Women's Health Illiteracy Block”. “The consummation of Pro Unborn Block and Health Illiteracy Block’s love” hurts, obstructed by a deontologizing “Pro-Life Block”. “Deontologizing Pro-Life Block” is in love with pictures of disembodied not well constructed fetuses and/or further denigrated excessively vascular or sanguine depictions of them. It is not enough, Offense gestures, that “‘Deontologizing Pro-Life Block’s’ obsession with denigrated, excessively vascular and/or sanguine and faceless fetuses” will repel the bystanders who may just care about their “pocket book”. The best we can sell, the front of the Women's Reproductive Autonomy Block? “Women’s Reproductive Autonomy Block” curls up to the “Pro-Choice Block”, Maybe time to catch air to see what the Other Blocks are doing. The “Bystander Who May Just Care About their ‘Pocket Book’ Block” breathes new life—or in and out that sassy stuff from the Southwest Kansas meat plants— into the Body Politic. My, what curious things we may find in trails they silently trail more of. What’s a world’s most insulting epithet gotta screw to get some Bird’s Eye voice with all that white noise down there. “World’s Most Insulting Epithet” screws you out of a cozy nook. What collocation are you, “World’s Most Insulting Epithet” asks repeatedly. No one’s going to say White Noise. That’s when we know the “White Noise Matters Block”, in its elementary maligning, gifts us “Other Blocks”.

“Other Blocks” as from your still sore bones, come in a variety of colors and specialize in inspiring an over speculation of how it got that way, how long it stays sore. Somebody get a doctor. The “Bystander who May Just Care About Their Pocket Book Block” plays doctor pitifully in the corner with “Other Blocks”. The consolation being the “Orgasm Lobby” has precluded its own existence, riding on a wave personified as “Sickness Care Lobby”. And everybody, every body, can understand the “Sickness Care Lobby”.

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