Lenna Pierce

Lenna M Pierce (Meaner Pencil) is a dark-folk-singing cellist, memoirist, and music reviewer who has performed in the filthiest subway stations of New York City as well as at medieval French churches and turn of the century Swiss theaters, house shows in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, and artist co-ops in Lincoln Nebraska. She is a happy member of Borrowed Birds record label.

Articles by Lenna Pierce:

Dispatch: Art Out of the World

in Issue 88 | Magic (Jul 2018)

Taurean Secretion

in Issue 80 | Blood and Milk (Sep 2017)

Some Thoughts on “The Art of Practicing” by Madeline Bruser

in Issue 72 | Practice (Feb 2017)

Trauma in a Benevolent Monastery

in Issue 71 | The French Issue (Jan 2017)