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Kylie Gilchrist

Kylie Gilchrist is a writer and several other things aside, currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Articles by Kylie Gilchrist:


in Issue 63 | Strike (Apr 2016)

Fraternity, or a muscular effort: on waiting and reading

in Issue 55 | Fraternity (Aug 2015)

Carpet Beetles in the Filing Cabinet

in Issue 50 | Furniture (Mar 2015)

Bit by a Dead Bee

in Issue 39 | Animals (Apr 2014)

A Modest Shelter

in Issue 36 | Modesty (Jan 2014)

Of Traps and Trolling: Brain Melt in the Digital Future

in Issue 31 | Strategies of Togetherness (Aug 2013)

At the Front Line of the Punch Line: Or, Simone Weil goes to War

in Issue 28 | Trauma and Laughter (May 2013)


in Issue 26 | Good Sex (Mar 2013)